Registered ACC Provider

Futurepath mind coaching is a Christchurch based service and an ACC registered provider.  ACC works with communities and trusted partners to keep people safe and prevent injuries throughout New Zealand.

Therefore if you suffer an injury ACC will cover, different ways to support you icluding getting help with a claim.  Hence for business you can find about the levies the business will pay.  Also how to manage the workplace injuries plus health and safety.

Future Path Ltd (our legal name) trading as Futurepath is an ACC registered provider and supplier of hypnotherapy services to ACC clients.

Incidents You Should Report

You should report any health and safety incidents that happen while working for your employer.  This can be incidents that affect you, the staff, or the employers clients.

Our first referral was a client who was scheduled for back surgery.  However he had to be a non-smoker before the operation. Consequently after 3 sessions he went from 14 cigarettes a day to none. As a result he is now looking forward to his operation and getting on with his life.

Are you are an ACC client? Do you think you need mind coaching Christchurch based? If your are an ACC client you may feel that hypnotherapy with a mind coach may be able to help. Therefore talk to your Case Manager about a referral to us. 

For businessess ACC will tell you about the levies you pay, cover options, invoicing, and ways to pay. Get in contact with ACC and learn more about managing workplace injuries and workplace health and safety with the ACC mind coach from Futurepath.

ACC also has forms, publications, documents, guides, reports, research and contracts. You can also order some resources form ACC.

If your Case Manager wants more information, please ask them to contact us now at Futurepath Mind Coaching 
Also to see the benefits of mind coaching