Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Read about the benefits of hypnotherapy.

In the late 1990s our Founder and Senior MindCoach, Murray Carter, was National Sales Manager for a multi-national company. THis company had an annual sales budget of in excess of $45m. It was in this role that he became curious about why some members of his team were achieving budget month after month. While others 

at the same time others really struggled … and yet … Murray knew that they all had the same training and same support.  He spent a great deal of his time in the field with his team. So it had to be something else…

It’s all about the limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves. And 9 times out 10 we don’t even know how they came about (or how to get rid of them).

Think of SUCCESS as a scale of 1 to 10 and let’s imagine that you were half way, on a 5. Now close your eyes and imagine what would change for you if you could move up to a 6 or 7 or higher? More sales? Greater confidence? More happiness and joy? Lots more fun? More abundance? All of the above?  This is what we do…the benefits of hypnotherapy are untold.

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