Mind Coach Christchurch Testimonials

     Personal accounts of the benefits people have experienced from working         with Murray. 

Rob Ibbetson. Licensee Salesperson (REAA 2008)

Murray (mind coach christchurch) started by explaining the process. This was very helpful, as I went in not really knowing what to expect. He was able to answer any questions I had and listened to what it was I was wanting to achieve.  An all round great experience. After the initial consultation Murray shared a recording of his with me. I have been using it regularly in the evenings before sleep. A week on and am already noticing positive changes to my mindset.

This is a definite recommendation to any one who wants to achieve their goals and excel themselves in any field.

Carl – Business Owner

I have participated in a lot of self-help/ growth courses in the past, so when I heard about Murray the mind coach from a lady who had been through mind coaching sessions and found it to be hugely beneficial, I was intrigued. As a result I felt I had a belief that was stopping me from moving ahead as far as financial growth was concerned. I had lost all my assets a few years ago through a business failure, and have had trouble ever since with moving ahead in this regard.

Then I decided to work with Murray (mind coach christchurch) on this issue a couple of months ago and found within a short few weeks that I was moving ahead with business and income opportunities with ease. I found that within a few weeks my income and prospects of travel with my family had increased dramatically. It’s massively exciting, and I’m looking forward to the future with excited anticipation of increased abundance in all areas of my life.

Thank you Murray for your thoughtful, caring and generous manner, along with being perceptive and professional. I am recommending you to many of my friends due to the results I have achieved so far. With the inner ‘knowing’ of what is available in the future.

Max – Business Manager

I found the initial session very transforming and deeply relaxing. In fact since then I have had wonderful deep relaxing sleeps and woken most days feeling refreshed and invigorated after sleeping. The MP 3 was a very effective followup to the initial first session and with my continued use at least once a day, I have experienced quite a number of significant changes in the areas I initially came to see Murray about. Thanks Murray

Alex – Business Owner 

I was ready to toss everything in. I was frustrated with life not working out, continually feeling out of control and having no power over the direction my life was going, that is, until I started sessions with Murray.  After only one session I was immediately relieved of the stress that I had been experiencing and had for some reason more peace and was more relaxed than ever before.

Since that first visit we’ve focused on the manifestation of wealth, something that’s avoided me most of my life. The result of this time with Murray has been a massive performance increase in the business with now close to $60,000 in ongoing revenue! But the biggest change is my unconscious actions and behaviour,.  I was no longer missing opportunities or mindlessly giving away value. I’ve even stopped allowing people to take advantage of my generosity, displaying the focus and confidence more like that of an astute business owner.

Julian – Insurance Adviser

I had three sessions with Murray (mind coach Christhurch) and have found them to be transformational. When I arrived home, after my first session with Murray, my wife commented on how much calmer I was. Knowing what some of my weaknesses were, I had found it frustrating that I seemed unable to do anything about the things that I knew were holding me back in my chosen career. Thanks Murray for helping me be a better me.

Sofia – Chief Operating Officer

I enjoyed working with Murray and I’ve noticed some subtle, but very impactful differences. I am more relaxed about my body and I don’t castigate myself as much about my mistakes. That is huge in itself. Thank you.

Ashleigh – Administration Manager

With major stress and anxiety problems, I needed guidance and a new approach to solving my problems. I decided that hypnotherapy was my option, and boy am I glad I did it! I found that just after one session, things in my life were changing for the better, and the energy I leave with afterwards is unexplainable. Murray (mind coach Christchurch) provides a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment, and spends time and effort genuinely getting to know you.  I believe this is also a reason why he has assisted with providing such strong results from my sessions. Thanks Murray.

Debbbie – Real Estate Agent

When I first heard Murray talking about how some people are walking around with their handbrake on, not knowing what their handbrake is, I related to that immediately and booked myself in. I’ve had 3 sessions with Murray the mind coach now and it’s completely turned my business and energy around. I feel lighter mentally and just ‘unencumbered’. The handbrake is off and I’m loving the new energy and focus. I think it’s also really helpful to have catch up sessions just to keep on track too, and also to explore the same results in other areas of my life too. “The great testimony is I’m flat out and work is going great!”Thank so much Murray. I look forward to our next session.

Craig – Business Owner

Murray made me feel relaxed and comfortable and the session was over before I knew it. It is now up to me to follow through with the process. I am looking forward to achieving my goals.

Alex – Marketing Manager

I’ve known Murray for the last 8 years, he’s a quality person with many years experience and wisdom. I would encourage you to engage with Murray. Particularly if you are wanting to achieve more or finding success difficult to achieve.


Carol – Lawyer

I visited Murray because I had recently left an emotionally abusive relationship. My confidence was low and I needed some help with remaining calm and managing my fight or flight responses to my ex’s behaviours while dealing with relationship property and earthquake insurance issues.

Murray was able to tap into and restore my natural confidence and emotional resilience. He provided ongoing tools to assist in those moments of distress. I am feeling much more clear, calm and collected and am able to anticipate dealing with the issues free from the stress that I had been experiencing before.

Ira -Artist/Business Entrepreneur

I have personally been helped by Murray and I highly recommend his services. My confidence and motivation has improved both in my personal and business life. 🙂


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